Our skills

Electronic design

Electronic boards CAD (schematic, routing)

Prototypes fabrication


Certification assistance

Mass-production industrialisation


Software design

Firmware development

Applicative softwares development

Products for Agriculture 2.0


e-GLEEK is a connected pest trap.

It counts automatically the number of traped insects

and sends an alert if an invasion is detected.

Success stories

ADVANSEE puts all his expertise to the success of its customers' products.


Proof of this knowledge, in 2015 a development (domain Internet-of-Things) directed by our Design Department has been awarded by Captronic Trophies.



In 2013, another device developed by our teams was awarded with the "Captronic Start-up" price.


Some applications

The BEECAM ecosystem

The company has developped a suite of tools for caracterising the interactions between the animal world and the plants.




We turn your ideas into business