How does it work ?

The system makes up to 5 counts a day. It compares values with user-determined alert thresholds

In case of a massive arrival of insects, the system triggs automatically an alert which is sent to the recorded user's telephone and/or mail address.

The trap is universal and can be used to survey different cultures including orchards, vineyards, vegetable, but also greenhouses.

Dedicated web site

A dedicated web site is available to access your trap configuration and data


The alert thresholds can be modified by the user
The traps can be combined as groups (e.g. per crop, per location, per user ...)
The email address and/or the mobile number are configured by the user

Simple and cheap

The installation of the trap is very easy and simple

the system which comes as an integrated metallic feature can be associated with accessories to orient the capture (horizontal, vertical). The battery provides in excess of 12 months autonomy in regular operational mode. The battery is Lead/gel and can be recharged within few hours.

The transmission of the alert is made using the SIGFOX network (subscription is less than 20€ per year).

As an option, the system can send the images together with the counters. The transmission is done using GSM with a SIM card.

You can decide the number of counting a day (maximum 5) and forget it until it alerts You.


Production status: In Stock. Lead time: 10 days